Fridays Unfolded Link Party #135

Fridays Unfolded Link Party

baby, it’s cold outside   a frigid 20 degrees or so in my neck of the woods   we have a fire blazing all day long in our wood stove to stave off the chill   i do hope you’re staying toasty now that winter seems to have blown in   i’m thrilled that Thanksgiving […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #134

Fridays Unfolded Link Party

welcome to Fridays Unfolded!   is it as cold where you are as it is for me?   fall is definitely here and has brought with it temps in the very chilly 30s   brrr   and with the change in the weather i have started thinking about Christmas decorating   this week i shared […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #132

good afternoon, friends and welcome to Fridays Unfolded #132!   a year ago i made the switch from Blogger to WordPress and i have to say i have regretted it almost every day   why?   several reasons: i hate paying for hosting and my domain i miss the formatting of Blogger i miss understanding […]

Yes, We Celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween: A Christian's Response |

Halloween. Is there any day that stirs up more controversy amongst Christians than October 31? I have certainly had my share of discussions on the subject with fellow believers over the years. Celebrate it? Ignore it? Abhor it? As a child, my Christian parents ignored it entirely.  We turned off porch lights, rented a movie, and […]