Fridays Unfolded Link Party #154


Hello, peeps and welcome to Fridays Unfolded! i’m so glad you’re here and ready to party with us   this week i shared a little about our End of the Year Chaos and some small seasonal changes i’ve made around the Duff House recently   have  i was also so saddened and shocked to hear […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #153


Welcome to Fridays Unfolded! this is a big week for us at Chez Agnew   our eldest, Noah is taking his driver’s permit test soon and has started applying for jobs   gulp   how did we get here so quickly?   i feel as though just yesterday we were bringing home our first bundle […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #152


welcome to Fridays Unfolded! even though it’s currently drizzling outside my window there is a spring in my step specifically due to warmer weather   finally   yippee!   in celebration  i painted something white yesterday   it was awesome   i also shared a little, childhood story about my dad and me  and you […]

Of Dads and Daughters

Of Dads And Daughters

The other day my family was watching old home movies of when our kids were babies. Watching their antics and hearing their little voices made me recall a few memories of my own childhood. One of my sweetest recollections is, oddly enough, of going to bed each night. After brushing my teeth, or at least […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #151

A-nature-inspired-tiny-home-office-and-creative-space-packed-with-personal-touches.- (1)

welcome to another edition of Fridays Unfolded! i’m so glad you’re here   this week  i shared some of what i’ve been reading lately  and Fiona and i went to see Cinderella, finally it was really good   now let’s look at some features from last week’s party  My Nearest and Dearest created an adorable, […]

Latest Reads

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Since I got my Kindle last year, I seem to have a perpetual list of books on my Currently Reading and To Read lists. Because I’m cheap, I utilize my local libraries or find free Kindle books on Amazon.  Ratings System: * Don’t Bother ** Meh *** Worth The […]

Fridays Unfolded Link Party #150

Fridays Unfolded Link Party |

welcome to Fridays Unfolded #150! Welcome to Fridays Unfolded #150! Click To Tweet didja ever have one of those weeks where you’re running around putting out fires and trying to keep your sanity from breaking apart into tiny pieces?   yes?   somehow  i knew you had   this has been a busy week and […]

How To Make Custom Category Widgets

How to make custom category widgets for you blog's sidebar |

You might have noticed that I recently updated my sidebar to include custom widgets that will send you to different categories of posts. I’d been trying to figure out how to do this for awhile, but recently got some help from another blogger on a Facebook group. Turns out, all I needed was a snippet of […]

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

How to make crunchy, roasted chickpeas |

We recently discovered the deliciousness that is roasted chickpeas. I saw a few recipes online, and figured I’d try making them for the kids. Well. They were a huge success, devoured quickly, and prompted lots of begs for me to make more. Through a bit of experimenting, I came up with a recipe that makes crunchy, […]